Delta Delta One Victor Whisky... Most people visiting this page will not come her coincidentally, they will know the meaning of this cryptic abbrevation.

It is not only some kind of classification, but it means that the owner such a call had invest a lot of time in training and examination to finally receive a license according to the general and local laws and ordinances.

Whoever is also interested in this hobby should refer to the local radio league being here in Germany the DARC link Any kind of information (also in foreign languages) are available there, for newcomers and also practising OM's regarding local German regulations.

This license does not only allow being on the air in various techniques (CW, SSB, Digimodes), it includes explicitely modification as well as home brewing as far as all regulations are strictly obeyed.

Here a quick and simple home made antenna is described which most ham related people will know, respectively have been built up in the past.

My acknowledgments go to Gregor ("George"), DD4GB, and Walter, DH3WL for the idea and support.